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Manhattan Beach based design team Lisa & Marisa Vitta are best known for their comfortably living style and their love for creating sophisticated and livable interiors for families. Lisa’s attention to detail and demand for excellence is skilled at pushing creative boundaries and brings years of experience building and decorating their family homes while Marisa brings her tech savvy contemporary youthfulness to the team finding those special finishing touches that make a home so unique. They were first recognized in Southbays Home Magazine as a dynamic duo who brings Yoga and Vegetarian Cooking Classes together into their home. Lisa created the downtown Manhattan Beach Gurus Gate Yoga studio and recently sold it to give more time to building and design.

Their collaborative process together helps to define a vision that works within their lifestyle, needs and dreams of their clients.

A blueprint for balanced living

A home is where you live, work and play. Whether you are young or old, lead a simple or extravagant lifestyle, are a homemaker or professional – or favor a traditional, contemporary, or eclectic style we can help you create a blueprint for your home. The rooms and spaces you inhabit in your home influence your well being and your opportunities in life. Our style of design is incorporating practical feng shui techniques in design to transform your home into a sanctuary: a place where you feel happy, healthy, and motivated, where your aspirations become reality.

The energy of your home

Your dwelling, including the physical structure and every object in it, contains an energy field. The color of the walls, the size of your sofa, the wood floors, the plumbing and electricity, the amount of sunlight, the smells and tastes, the garden and water elements, the photos and artwork affect you on a daily basis. Let us guide you from the beginning stages of planning down to the last accessory detail in your home.

The end result is a home that enriches, nourishes and changes your life.